ROZLYTREK is an oral treatment that has been shown to shrink tumors in people with ROS1+ mNSCLC*

  • ROZLYTREK may help people with a kind of lung cancer that may have spread to other parts of their body (mNSCLC) and is shown by a laboratory test to be caused by an abnormal ROS1 gene

ROZLYTREK was able to shrink ROS1+ mNSCLC tumors, even those that have spread to the brain

  • ROZLYTREK targets ROS1 fusion proteins. It finds and binds to them inside cancer cells. This blocks the ROS1 fusion proteins from sending signals. Blocking these signals helps to slow or stop the cancer from growing
  • ROZLYTREK can enter the brain and may stay there long enough to be effective in some people
  • ROZLYTREK may also affect normal cells, which can cause side effects. For more information about side effects, click here

*It is important to know that tumor shrinkage does not mean the cancer has been cured.

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