ROZLYTREK is an oral, nonchemotherapy treatment for adults and children with NTRK fusion-positive solid tumors

People taking ROZLYTREK have

  • Solid tumors (cancer) that may have spread to other parts of the body and are shown by a laboratory test to be caused by an abnormal NTRK gene (NTRK gene fusion)
  • Solid tumors that have spread or if surgery to remove their cancer is likely to cause severe complications
  • Received prior treatment and the cancer still grew or spread, or have no satisfactory alternative treatment options

ROZLYTREK is not chemotherapy and targets TRK fusion proteins inside cancer cells

  • ROZLYTREK targets TRK fusion proteins. It finds and binds to them inside cancer cells. This blocks the TRK fusion proteins from sending signals. Blocking these signals helps to slow or stop the cancer from growing
  • ROZLYTREK can enter the brain and may stay there long enough to be effective in some people
  • ROZLYTREK may also affect normal cells, which can cause side effects. For more information about side effects, click here.
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